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A Midsummer Night's Dream


Creative Team | Équipe Artistique

Director: Sean Hardy*

Production: Xiomara Ahumuda Quito

Costumer Designers: Marie Gautier + Anya Gleizer

Make-Up Designer: Gail Ayyub*

Burlesque Designer: Marie Gautier

Dramaturge: Camille Clair*


Cast of 2018 Inaugural Production | Distribution de la Création en 2018

Hermia - Yasmina Gomez

Lysander - Alex Pattie

Demetrius - David Belaga

Helena - Camille Clair*

Peter Quince - Sam Asher

Nick Bottom - Xavier Pilloy

Francis Flute - Casey Goggin

Snug/Egeus - Matthieu Tricaud

Oberon/Theseus - Abdoulaye Cissé

Titania/Hippolyta - Marie Colombe Lobrichon*

Puck - Sean Hardy*

Narrator - Suzie Telep 

* denotes member of Summertide Core Company | désigne un membre permanent de la Compagnie

The Project | Le Projet

Director's Statement

I see in art, particularly in theatre, an opportunity to create spaces where meetings and intersections are possible between individuals, cultures, languages, and time periods. Performing a re-enactment of A Midsummer Night’s Dream today allows us to experience one of these meetings, where the past resonates with the present. 

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