Midsummer Night's Dream

The Play

Attention!  Attention! The Summertide Company is proud to announce that after an intense audition process, we have been commissioned to present a BRAND NEW play for the ROYAL occasion of the marriage of Theseus and Hippolyta. Prepare for laughter, suspense, passion, jazz, sex, vengeance, treachery, feathers, and smut : for there will be all of this, and perhaps even a little bit more. The only thing that we require is your presence ! For the gracious King and Queen have invited all to attend their wedding--so come one, come all. And if you are fortunate, and your applause is loud enough, perhaps the fairies will see fit to flit by and greet you personally…

The Project

Creative Team

Director: Sean Hardy *

Production: Xiomara Ahumuda Quito

Costumer Designers: Marie Gautier + Anya Gleizer *

Make-Up Designer: Gail Ayoub *

Burlesque Designer: Marie Gautier

Dramaturge: Camille Clair *


Cast of 2018 Inaugural Production

Hermia - Yasmina Gomez

Lysander - Alex Pattie

Demetrius - David Belaga

Helena - Camille Clair *

Peter Quince - Sam Asher

Nick Bottom - Xavier Pilloy

Francis Flute - Casey Goggin

Snug/Egeus - Matthieu Tricaud

Oberon/Theseus - Abdoulaye Cissé

Titania/Hippolyta - Marie Colombe Lobrichon *

Puck - Sean Hardy *

Narrator - Suzie Telep 

* denotes member of Summertide Core Company

Future Perfomances: 

World Premiere! May 25 & 26, May 27 19h30, 19h30, 14h30- L'école normale supérieure Ulm. Tickets are free, but advance reservations are required at summertidecompany@gmail.com.

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Director's Statement

I see in art, particularly in theatre, an opportunity to create spaces where meetings and intersections are possible between individuals, cultures, languages, and time periods. Performing a re-enactment of A Midsummer Night’s Dream today allows us to experience one of these meetings, where the past resonates with the present. 

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The Gallery

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